The Dumbest World Record Attempts – Tosh.0

Daniel highlights a selection of world record hopefuls, each one stranger than the last.

About Tosh.0:
Tosh.0 is a

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Try Not to Laugh | Covered in the Blood of Jesus | Laugh Factory Stand Up Comedy

Have a bloody good time watching Anthony Davis, Meechie Hall, Felicia Folke, Steven Garza, and Jeanne Whitney! See a LIVE

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Preggers (Stand Up Comedy)

Lexi Cullen shares the joy of pregnancy, she’s 8 and a half months pregnant, so front two rows had to

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Daniel Inouye Goes from War Hero to Senator (feat. Steven Yeun) – Drunk History

Daniel Inouye fought in World War II with the legendary 442nd Infantry Regiment and later became the first Japanese-American U.S.

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Joe Rogan Meets Tyrone Biggums on “Fear Factor” – Chappelle’s Show

Tyrone Biggums competes on “Fear Factor” and waltzes through every challenge. (Contains strong language.)

About Chappelle’s Show:
It’s not just

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Nate Jackson | Church Lady | Laugh Factory Las Vegas Stand Up Comedy

Nate (@mrnatejackson) thinks some church ladies and are just in it for the vocal exercises. See a LIVE SHOW at

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To-Do List (Stand Up Comedy) #Stand up Comedy

Poppi Kramer shares her journey through her to do list, and her fancy of alcoholoic beverages.

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(Some of) The Best of Ali Siddiq

Ali Siddiq explains why no one goes to jail after drinking a margarita, wonders why so many white men fall

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Unboxing Weird Gifts with Blake Griffin

Blake the Halls! We played Santa for Blake Griffin, as he unboxed #AsSeenOnCC holiday gifts.

Get your holiday survival products here:

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