Big Jay Gives the Inside Scoop on “Hustlers” – The Bonfire with Big Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder

Big Jay and Dan have another eventful elevator ride, and Big Jay reports back on his time acting in the

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The Arn Sucks Podcast – Tosh.0

After Arn Anderson finally acknowledges his beef with Daniel on his podcast, Daniel starts “The Arn Sucks Podcast.”

About Tosh.0:

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When Everyone in Your Town Thinks You Suck – Town Hall

The townspeople sense something different about this town meeting and decide, based on nothing, to double the town’s budget.

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The Insane People at Every Town Hall Meeting – Town Hall

A deputy mayor attempts to lead a town-wide discussion about a community litter cleanup project, with mixed results.

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The Guy Who Makes Every Meeting About Him – Town Hall

A new townsperson causes trouble in the town meeting and threatens the deputy mayor’s authority. (Contains strong language.)


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Jimmy Kimmel Prank Calls a Wedding Venue as Terrence – Crank Yankers

Terrence is really excited to plan Paris Hilton’s wedding to her Chihuahua.

About Crank Yankers:
Created by Jimmy Kimmel, Adam

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Chili’s Pulls Out All the Stops (feat. Jon Lovitz) – Lights Out with David Spade

If the Lights Out studio lot looks a little different than it used to, that’s because Chili’s completely took it

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CeWEBrity Profile – Dumped Wife’s Revenge – Tosh.0

Dianne Laurance, founder of Dumped Wife’s Revenge, joins Daniel at an estate to take some revenge-themed photos.

About Tosh.0:

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Introducing the You Up w/ Nikki Glaser YouTube Channel

Every week, Nikki Glaser invites celebrities and fellow comedians to dish about everything from pop culture to the dirty details

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Cartman Is Surprisingly Good at Being a Game Master – South Park

Cartman, Stan, Butters and Clyde are having a blast at Dice Studz Gamers Club.

About South Park:
It’s hard being a

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