Intervention (Stand Up Comedy)

Amelia Borella can always count on reality tv shows to make her feel better about herself.

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Jen Murphy Vlog – “Big Cross” (Stand Up Comedy)

Jen Murphy thinks that the bigger cross a person wears around their neck, the bigger the sin they’re trying to

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Pigeon Watching (Stand Up Comedy)

Irene Morales loves going out pigeon watching, which makes her mother very proud.

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Summer Time (Stand Up Comedy)

Ameila Borella hates that rich people spend their summers differently than the rest of us.

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Comedian or Prostitute? (Stand Up Comedy)

Irene Morales grandmother is convinced that she is a prostitute instead of a comedian. That’s a simple mistake to make,

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Couples Counseling (Stand Up Comedy)

Valarie Storm suggests that nobody ever go to couple’s counseling.

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Facebook Discipline (Stand Up Comedy)

Valarie Storm has found the best way of disciplining her kids.

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South Vietnam Style (Stand Up Comedy)

Cathy Tanaka’s mom proves that you can take the girl out of Vietnam, but you can’t take the Vietnam out

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