Don’t Have The Mom Gene (Stand Up Comedy)

Lexi Cullen Baker doesn’t think she has what it takes to be an amazing mom.

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Bejewled Champ (Stand Up Comedy)

Carol Berman is living proof that we should wear a helmet when we’re riding a bicylce… Well, that or take

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Going through with it (Stand Up Comedy)

Sorry for posting a censored version. I only watch a small portion of each video to write a tagline. I

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Where’s the Fire? (Stand Up Comedy)

Maria Borgio gives us an idea of what her hometown in the Mid-West is like… And no, the fire is

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Approximate Age (Stand Up Comedy)

Awet Teame has never really known her mother’s age… On her birthdays, she just gets her a fistful of candles

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Sound Only Asians Can Make (Stand Up Comedy)

Natalie Gray envies the capabilities of the Asian Persuasion, and whether we admit it or not, we all do.


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Stand Up Comedy By Calise Hawkins – Phone Sex Sounds (Stand Up Comedy)

Calise Hawkins enlightens us on where she is when it comes to dating and men, at this point and time.

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Preggers (Stand Up Comedy)

Lexi Cullen shares the joy of pregnancy, she’s 8 and a half months pregnant, so front two rows had to

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To-Do List (Stand Up Comedy) #Stand up Comedy

Poppi Kramer shares her journey through her to do list, and her fancy of alcoholoic beverages.

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